Wade Armstrong (juniorbird)

These are my photos (that part should be self-explanatory). Right now I'm running at 2-4 good photos per gallery, with some real practice I hope to get that up to 6. Purchase now before I'm famous, while they're still collectible. Some restrictions may apply.

I shoot a lot of travel and, with my new baby, a lot of family stuff as well. From time to time I'll add in some cooking, which I enjoy as well.

Right now I'm shooting both film and digital. My current film body is a Canon AE-1, which I use to mostly shoot black-and-white that I develop myself (I don't print, I just scan the negatives). For digital, I shoot a Panasonic Lumix DX-1.

I do product development, particularly online and in the food industry. My professional site, with more about me, is WadeArmstrong.com

My daddyblog: Kaizen Dad

I'm also on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.